Power in Your Weakness

What is your weakness? What is that thing that stands and taunts you as the barrier to fulfilling God’s purpose? For me, I get easily distracted; not in an ADHD kind of way, I mean I tend to want to spend my time on lesser things – things that satisfy my old self. Now, I know I need to use my free time better, however, to assume that my weakness disqualifies me is to deny the power of God at work in me.

The thought that you are unfit for service simply because you are wrestling through a struggle or weakness is a lie from the mouth of Satan himself. The apostle Paul, in addressing his own “thorn,” or struggle, said that the Lord answered him, “My grace is sufficient for you. My power is made perfect in your weakness.” That word “perfect” can also mean “complete.” In other words, your weakness and struggle is an opportuntiy for God to do in and through you what only He can do. His presence and power are revealed, clearly (completely) through you as you trust and obey. And therein is the key.

“Trust and obey, there is no other way, to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey.” Trust isn’t trust unless it affects your actions. Obedience is the key to the Christian life – obedience to the leading of God the Spirit. Your struggle, your weakness is a crossroad. You can follow the voice of the enemy to the left into disobedience, passivity, or rebellion. This voice will always be sure to have some excuse handy as to why you can’t possibly obey the voice of God, or for why you are the exception. The option is to follow the voice of God to the right and take steps of faith into obedience and a deep, life-changing encounter with the living God.

The enemy, and the traitor in your gates (your flesh) will try to convince you that God can do nothing with you…or that he doesn’t want to do anything with you. The truth is that God loves broken and imperfect people, because through you and me, His power is put on display and he is glorified.


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