Precious Gems

Have you ever heard or seen how real gems are made? We see the finished product, and there are all kinds of counterfeits, or fake gems out there. Real ones are simply stunning. It’s the way they catch the light and how they refract or reflect it. A real gem is precious, beautiful, valuable; and so are you.

God treats us like gems. He may find us in the rough, rugged, ugly parts of the landscape, but by his expert care and mastery of formation; his deep and intimate knowledge of the character of “gems” – your heart – he is able to take that stone and give life, make it shine. It is quite a rough process, making a rough cut gem beautiful. It requires the removal of all the ugly stone, but also some of the parts we would consider beautiful. Likewise, when God makes our lives beautiful it requires the removal of the ugly, sin-stained parts, but also parts that we deem beautiful or valuable. The tighter we cling to those things, the more painful the refining process can be.

God is working to make your life beautiful, of great value in his sight, and to reflect the light of his glory clearly and brilliantly. It may require the removal of ugly habits, attitudes, or unhealthy relationships; and it may also require the removal of traditions, people, beliefs, or habits that you hold dear. Will you trust God and surrender; let him have his way? Will you realize all you can be in Christ, or will you cling to the image you would make for yourself? Below is a short film made by a new friend of mine, Russell Irwin. Please enjoy, subscribe to his channel, and remember that you are God’s masterpiece, created in Christ Jesus to do good works and reflect the glory of His love and majesty.


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