Not All Paths…

We like religion because it’s easy to manage. Yet Jesus never led anyone into a synagogue. Jesus met them there and then called them to follow him. Following Jesus is a much greater challenge than just believing in him, and that’s why you need him more than what he can give you…



  1. Actually, the Jews had very strict rules as to who would be allowed into the temple. The list was very short and women (who were considered unclean) were definitely not on the list.


    • Not too clear on what prompted this, but I think it serves the point entirely. Jesus had very different (and far more accurate) views on who and what is unclean (e.g. Mark 7:1-23). Women were considered unclean after their cycle, sex, and childbirth (it was a bodily fluids issue). Even in the Temple they had an area – as did the Gentiles – where they could go and worship. My point is that all the religious observance in the world, if absent of love for God, is meaningless. We can’t make ourselves acceptable to God. Jesus didn’t lead us into religous obligation, but into an intimate relationship with himself. Religion has a part in that. It is the vehicle through which we nurture that relationship. But if we are relying on our observance of rituals, rules, and habits to make us right then we are on the wrong path. These things are our response to God who has made us right with him through Jesus Christ.


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