L2W: Making Faith the Priority

Here is another installment from Learning to Walk. This one is about making faith a priority. This is not just for new believers, but life gets fuller and better the earlier you get it. However, even long-time believers need to be reminded of this..and come back to it. As before, your input is valuable and helpful to me, so please feel free to comment.


There are so many things that we can see, hear, and possess that are precious to us, and the thought of making something, or someone else a priority over those people or things can seem undesirable. Let me assure you, you want to make God your top priority.

God is not interested in being a part of your life. That may sound strange, but if he’s just a part of your life, then it’s easy to dismiss him when you don’t want him or if he and his commands aren’t convenient or comfortable. Jesus is lord. He doesn’t want to be just a part of your life; he wants to be the very foundation of your whole life.

The whole of the Christian life is summed up in Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him [his character, nature, power, and authority], and he will make your paths straight.” This means that in absolutely everything we do, we seek to honor, rely on, and please God above all else.

As an example, husbands will love their wives, not because they always deserve it (in the husband’s thinking) or because things are going well, but because God commands it. Most often the husband will love his wife because he wants to, but on the rare occasion when he doesn’t feel lovey dovey, he will choose to act in an attitude of love because He loves God and is seeking to honor him. That commitment then blesses and prospers the marriage and it grows stronger. Wives are commanded to respect their husbands, and that’s much easier to do when the wife trusts that the husband is committed to God and will choose love, even if he doesn’t “feel like it,” and again, the relationship prospers.

Putting God first and choosing loving obedience to Him always benefits the people and things we cherish. It’s a help, not a hindrance. There will be some people who don’t understand your faith priority, and may falsely accuse you for it, but in the long run, and with consistency, they too will see the benefit of your loving obedience to God.

When God is our chief priority, we manage our resources more wisely, we interact in our relationships with selfless love, and we live in the power and presence of God, growing closer to, and more like, him.

God leads us to be good managers of what we own and the opportunities that come our way. God leads us to love others and do what’s right (not always what’s fair). When God comes first, we choose mercy, compassion, and generosity as we deal with others, regardless of what we think they deserve or what we feel justified in doing. When God comes first and we choose to live by faith, others are blessed.


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