Super, Naturally

There seems to be a multilevel marketing (MLM) endeavor for everything these days. From duffel bags to makeup, from nick-knacks to cookware, from hats and scarves to “unmentionables” and beyond, if you can think to sell it, there’s most likely a MLM for it. I’m not bashing these industries, in fact, my wife and I have tried several of them. We started with Amway, then she got into cosmetics, jewelry, and most recently essential oils. The most recent one–the essential oils, in our experience, has been very different. The others were ways to sell products, recruit partners, and make a little extra money. This one, for us, has become more about ministry.

Like any other MLM venture, there is networking and the potential to help people make a little extra income. This one seems to grow more than the others had, but there are, I believe, other reasons for that. What makes this one different is this: it’s biblical. The company we are working through makes it clear that the use of oils is prevalent in the scripture (that’s the Bible, to be clear), and the company’s Christian faith is evident in the company literature. What we are coming to realize is that in addition to all that, this is a great platform to glorify God through his natural provision!

We all want to see God move in miraculous, supernatural ways. We want to see the lame walk, the mute speak, and the deaf hear (can you “see” the deaf hear?). We will pray and ask God to heal our cold, our flu, our aches and pains, and exert his supernatural authority over everyday annoyances. Sometimes, he will. Most often though, I can envision him looking at us with perplexed amazement and asking, “What about all the healing I’ve already given you in creation?” We are a culture of convenience and often times we will forego being good stewards of our health and simply treat the symptoms when they arise. Don’t stay hydrated, take an Advil when the headache comes. Don’t eat right and exercise, make a New Year’s resolution. Don’t strengthen and heal your teeth through diet and hygiene, get fillings and root canals. God has given us everything we need for health and good living through his natural provision. God’s natural provision is just as loving, just as good, just as effective, and just as amazing as his supernatural provision.

Throughout scripture we see commands and encouragements in using teas and oils to anoint, heal, strengthen, and restore. Often times, particularly with oils, it is used symbolically, yet we now know that there is much more to oils than mere symbolism. Could it be that God knew explaining the science behind things like oils and teas would have been futile 2000+ years ago, so he just commanded the use of them knowing that we’d eventually get it? My wife has and has heard testimony after testimony of how God healed and restored through oils. That’s not some new age mumbo-jumbo, that’s God’s natural provision at work. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve had everything they could possibly have needed for health and life. They had fruit and vegetables to eat, and they had leaves and plants for teas and oils–the presence and purpose of which is confirmed in Ezekiel 47:12 in his description of the restoration of all things. We want chemicals, drugs, and fast-food, no wonder we have so many health issues. We cannot ignore God’s natural provision and just expect him to make up for our neglect with his supernatural provision.

Through my wife’s oil business, she has been able to teach, talk with, encourage, and pray for (so far) dozens of people. She has seen God’s natural provision at work, doing for people what man-made medications cannot and what remedies that only treat symptoms (e.g. medicinal marijuana) cannot. God’s provisions are pure and effective. They may not be “miracle cures,” that’s what his supernatural provision is for, but they are effective in the purpose for which he has given them. As people of God we need to honor God’s intent and natural provision, and trust that when necessary he will provide supernaturally. Both of these are for his glory. When we are less dependent on man, and fully dependent on God, then the testimony of our lives will be powerful.


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