If you would like to schedule Pastor Hayward to come and speak at your church, event, or to share with your group, email us at and we would be very glad to set something up. You can also click here for more information.

I do not have a set “speaker’s fee.” Each host can either provide an honorarium of their choice or take a love offering for the ministry. It is our desire that limited finances not be a determining factor in my coming to speak to your group. We trust that God will guide you as you pray and ask Him how He would have you support the ministry as we also seek His fullness in being a blessing to you.

If your organization has a official speaker’s agreement/contract, I would be happy to fulfill those requirements. Otherwise, once we have confirmed the speaking date, I will assume that our word is our bond.


  1. My husband and I attended the TCHEN 2013. We sat in on three of your teachings of which we both gleaned new perspective and encouragement. I am very grateful for your humble approach in sharing your experiences! I believe that my husband was truly touched and enlightened by you. I can not thank you enough. Especially the release I felt when you said it’s ok to ‘give it a rest’. I have taken this approach for many years but felt like I was failing for that day. I did, however, want to say one other thing… You said that Proverbs were not promises but words of wisdom. I may be wrong ( and I would encourage your feedback) but I believe that God’s entire word IS a promise, because His word does not return void. I homeschool with the belief that even if my child strays from the ways I have taught, he will return (much like the prodigal son) and God’s promise would have been fulfilled.
    Knowing you are speaking would lead us to attend again! I am ordering your audio recordings for my friend.
    Thank you for being a willing vessel.
    Job well done!
    Thomas and Tiffany Hunter


    • Thank you so much, Tiffany, for your encouragement and feedback. I am so glad you and your husband were blessed through the convention. As I remember, we had a chance to talk briefly during the Q&A of the “Ten Commandments” workshop regarding taking rest. We are commanded to rest, and to power through and miss it is actually disobedience. Never let the enemy lead you to feel guilty for that!

      Regarding Proverbs, you’re right, there absolutely is truth in those sayings and God has given us those wisdom writings for a purpose – to guide our daily lives in practical ways. But they aren’t promises in the way that the Mosaic Law holds promises, or the oracles of the prophets, or the teachings and commandments of Jesus in the Gospels. Like I’d said, they are wise sayings that are meant to be memorable, not explicit directives like the “if you…then I will…” language in the suzerane treaty form of the law. For example, Proverbs 21:22, “A wise man attacks the city of the mighty and pulls down the stronghold in which they trust.” Were we to treat that the same way as the writings of Law, Oracle, or instruction (as in the epistles), we could get ourselves in big trouble! There is absolutely truth in the Proverbs, but because based of their literary context and intent, we cannot interpret them the same way we do, say the Ten Commandments or the Sermon on the Mount. There is a wonderful resource that goes into much more depth than I could here, a book called “How to Read the Bible for All It’s Worth” by Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart. It’s an amazing resource for understanding the different types of literature in the Bible. I hope that is helpful.

      I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to write. I pray God’s continued blessing for your family as you seek to grow in the knowledge and grace of our Lord. Please feel free to drop me note anytime, and I hope we do cross paths again – Lord willing, it will be so! My wife and I serve on the board for TCHEN, so we’ll be there in one form or another.

      Thank you again,
      Grace and peace,


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