The Economy of the Soul

Imagine the difference your life could make…

The Economy of the SoulAn economy is an exchange; a system of give and take. Our economy is broken. Our natural tendency is to want to gain more than we give because we cling to the world’s economy which focuses on self and is driven by a currency of fear. We remain afraid of failure, insignificance, rejection, exposure, and even success and its cost. Because we’ve brought these self-centered fears into the church and we fail to trust God, and therefore fail to experience His power and presence which we, and the world, desperately need and long for.

All of us have a natural longing for more. We want to know we matter and so we seek more for our lives, our kids, and our ministry but we do not know what is holding us back.

What if you could make an economic shift where the focus was not self, but something greater; where the currency that drives it is not fear, but faith in the person and promises of God? What kind of difference would that make in your own life? Your family? Your ministry? Your church? Or your world?

Discover the source of your fears, and then see how Jesus Christ confronts those fears and leads you to overcome them; empowering you to make an eternal impact of eternal value.

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What people are saying about The Economy of the Soul

“The Economy of the Soul has blessed me and given me a new perspective of how to follow Christ into whatever He is calling me to, no matter what that looks like! Not allowing my fear of the unknown rule me.” – Angie, Homeschool Mom

“This book is one of the most impact-full reads of mine in the last year. If you can read then put this one on the top of your list. Kingdom Economy from the Heart of the matter!” – Steve Hinton, The Market Place Prophet

“I finished your book (Economy) a couple of weeks ago now. Great message! And, much needed.” – Bob Youngs, Contractor



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