The Treasure of Heaven

The Treasure of HeavenMost of us are at least vaguely familiar with the story of King Midas. He was offered a gift and asked that everything he touch would turn to gold. Midas was thrilled to be able to gain such wealth so easily. It  wasn’t until, in his excitement, he took his daughter’s hand that he   realized what seemed like a dream was really a nightmare.

This is how we live our lives. We seek health, wealth, and prosperity, and often at the expense of  the things that matter most—our true treasure: our relationships. As we each chase what we think is going to make us happy, successful, significant, and whole, we go our own way to the neglect of those around us. Then we wonder why the world seems to be falling apart.

God intends more for us than mere survival. He offers more than     perishable, material things. He offers eternal life. The Treasure of Heaven is a book that calls us to re-evaluate our priorities and challenges us to spend our energy and effort on things that will last: our relationship with God and with others. This is a message that will change you…and through you, change your world.

To order your copy of this, and other titles by M.A. Hayward online, click here!


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